9.3 Workshop at a Conference (four hours)

This section includes all the documents and presentations you will need to facilitate a four hour VOPE Toolkit workshop at a conference or event.  The contents include:

Generic Abstract for Workshop at a Conference

This abstract can be tailored to conform to the specific requirements of the conference or event you will be facilitating the workshop at.

  • IOCE logo and profile

The IOCE logo and profile for inclusion in the conference programme. 

  • Toolkit Brochure

The two page VOPE Toolkit Brochure in PDF format is available for printing and/or electronically distribution to workshop and / or conference attendants.

Agenda, Attendance Register and Workstation Numbers

A draft agenda is included for your convenience, please adapt this agenda to reflect the specific times and sections of the Toolkit you want to focus on.

The attendance register should be printed before the workshop and all attendees should be requested to sign the register during the workshop.

You can either print relevant sections and resources of the VOPE Toolkit, create an offline version of the Toolkit, or use the internet to ensure participants have access and are able to engage with the content of the Toolkit.

Only if you use the workstation format for the workshop would you require workstation numbers.  Print the workstation number to label each workstation, this will enable participants to navigate from one station to the other during the workshop. 

Workshop Presentation

The presentation gives an overview of the development of the toolkit, the contents and a short introduction to navigating the website as well as guidance on engaging participants on the Toolkit content.  Please refer to the notes of the specific slides to guide you in fitting the presentation to your needs. 

Tips for running a good workshop

Workshops are great for interactive learning and building relationships. However they require careful preparation and planning.  The suggestions in this document will assist you in focussing your thoughts on what you want to achieve with this workshop and how to run it efficiently. It also gives useful advice on preparing for as well as facilitating the workshop and answering questions. 

Facilitation tips, games, and energizers

Ideas for games and energizers.

Checklist for a workshop

This document contains a checklist for the workshop facilitator.  It is divided into 4 parts, covering the initial and final preparations as well as the items to remember on the day of the workshop. 


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