AEA's Evaluator Competencies- The Japan Evaluation Society’s Case

JES developed an evaluator competency framework and implemented a certification program based on a combination of: completing a training program and passing an exam and/or portfolio-based review. JES has three levels of certification: the certified professional evaluator (CPE), the certified specialty evaluator (CSE) for evaluators in educational settings, and the certified advanced evaluator (CAE).  CAEs’ names and their CVs are publicly listed in Japanese on their website.  This session will share JES pathways from the perspective of an external consultant to JES who is instrumental in CES’ credentialing effort and experienced in partnering and supporting VOPEs in building evaluation capacity specific to their own needs such as EvalGender+, IDEAS EvalFCG - Evaluation in Fragility, Conflict and Violence, and Thai Evaluation Network. She filled the quality assurance advisor and course developer role for the Japanese Evaluation Society Professional Development Accreditation Project (2003-2008) developing the first school-evaluator training program using a collaborative approach.

Presentation at the 2018 AEA Evaluation Conference.


Kuji-Shikatani, K. & Imata. K. (2018) AEA Evaluation 2018 Session1518: AEA's Evaluator Competencies-- what can we learn from other Evaluation societies about next steps? The Japan Evaluation Society’s Case 

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