4.5.1 Country Updates

Parliamentarians Forum for Development Evaluation has several country updates on http://www.pfde.net/index.php/programme


First country to have a national parliamentarians’ forum; National Parliamentarians Forum for Development Evaluation Policy in Nepal. All political parties represent in the Forum. The Forum members were instrumental in inclusion of evaluation in the Nepal new constitution (article 54). The Forum was instrumental in organizing the Global Evaluation Forum 2015 in the context of International Year of Evaluation at the parliament of Nepal which is the first evaluation event in a national parliament. Nepal draft national evaluation policy is being endorsed. The Forum works closely with the VOPE to promote evaluation. http://www.pfde.net/index.php/programme/promote-nep-at-fora

 Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation was established in October of 2016 by a group of parliamentarians under the leadership of Hon. Kabir Hashim, Minister of Public Enterprise Development and Hon. Niroshan Perera, State Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs.  Officials of Several Government Departments as well as representatives of UN Agencies in the country also participated at this important event.  Follow up orientation session to Parliamentarians was conducted in early part of February 2017 with technical assistance from Dr. Dorothy Lucks. Participating parliamentarians developed a road-map for their activities for the year 2017. http://www.pfde.net/index.php/programme/mappingnepssystems


 Evidence of studies done indicate the need to increase capacity of parliamentarians to make evidence based decisions. Since there was no structure way to address this by sharing experiences, findings and make evidence based decisions making in the parliament of Kenya, the parliament formed the Parliamentary Caucus on Evidence-Informed Oversight and Decision Making. This is an informal network with members comprising of both the National Assembly and the Senate.  This group is committed to promoting responsible governance through evidence-based oversight. https://globalparliamentarianforum.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/parliamentarians-caucus-for-evaluation.pdf


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