UNEG Norms for Evaluation in the UN System

Published by UNEG (United Nations Evaluation Group)

Norms for Evaluation in the UN System  April 2005

Foundation Document


"The norms seek to facilitate system-wide collaboration on evaluation by ensuring that evaluation entities within the UN follow agree-upon basic principles. They provide a reference for strengthening, professionalizing and improving the quality of evaluation in all entities of the United Nations system, including funds, programmes and specialized agencies. The norms are consistent with other main sources3 and reflect the singularity of the United Nations system characterized by its focus on people and respect for their rights, the importance of international values and principles, universality and neutrality, its multiple stakeholders, its needs for global governance, its multidisciplinarity, and its complex accountability system. Last but not least, there is the challenge of international cooperation embedded in the Millennium Declaration and Development Goals." (Page 3)

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