Section 1: Let’s get started!

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1.1 What are the objectives of this Module?

The objective of this Module is to provide useful tools and share valuable resources to facilitate the engagement and commitment of Voluntary Organizations of Professional Evaluators (VOPEs) with strengthening Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG), through evaluation.

 In that direction, the DRG Evaluation Toolkit Module aims to:

  • Facilitate resources to guide Institutional Capacity Development for VOPEs in DRG and create awareness on the contribution that evaluation can make to this matter.
  • Facilitate resources for VOPEs to actively promote the development of Individual Capacities for the evaluation of DRG initiatives.
  • Facilitate resources for VOPEs to contribute to Enabling the Environment for the implementation of more and better evaluations on DRG in their national context.

 1.2 What is the target audience of this module?

This module is designed for VOPEs that want to:

  • Increase their understanding about DRG and the role they can play in the field,
  • Rethink how their work is affected by the DRG context of the country in which they operate,
  • Contribute to strengthening DRG in the context they are working.

The DRG Evaluation toolkit module could be useful for all types of VOPEs regardless their:

  • Level of maturity and experience 
    • new VOPEs
    • emerging VOPE
    • consolidated ones.
  • Scope of work
    • local context
    • national context
    • regional context
  • Target audience
    • traditional stakeholders familiarized with the evaluation practice
    • non-traditional users of evaluation.

1.3 Guidelines to navigate this Toolkit

Below are a few considerations that will allow VOPEs to make the most out of this Module:

  • This Module has 6 sections that can be used independently one from the other or in a complementary way.
  • Sections 1 and 6 of this Module will provide guidance to navigate the tool and to keep researching and learning on your own.
  • Each section is divided into subsections that develop short contents and includes main resources/tools.
  • If your VOPE has a specific need related to the work in the DRG Evaluation field there are 2 resources that can help you find more focused information:

Also, VOPE’ members can benefit a lot from reviewing the conceptual framework, methodological considerations and examples of the E-learning Module on DRG interventions available in EvalPartners E-learning Platform. The DRG Evaluation e learning module will be available soon in

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