9.2 Short Presentation at a Conference (15min to 30min)

The documents and presentations in this folder will enable you to present the VOPE toolkit during a 15 - 30 minute presentation at a conference.  The contents of this folder include:

Generic Abstract for Presentation at a Conference

This abstract can be tailored to conform to the specific requirements of the conference you will be presenting at.

  • IOCE logo and profile

The IOCE logo and profile for inclusion in the conference programme. 

  • A two page Toolkit brochure 

A two page VOPE toolkit brochure in PDF format can be printed and/or electronically distributed to conference attendants or included in the conference pack.

Short Presentation of the VOPE Toolkit

The short presentation gives an overview of the development of the toolkit, the toolkit contents and some tips on navigating the website.  Please refer to the notes of the specific slides to guide you in fitting the presentation to your needs. 

Tips for a good presentation

The tips will assist you in focussing your thoughts on what you want to achieve with this presentation. It will also give useful advice on preparing as well as delivering the presentation and answering questions. 

Checklist for a presentation at a Conference

This document contains a checklist for the presenter at a conference.  It is divided into 4 parts, covering the initial and final preparations as well as the items to remember on the day of the presentation.  You can use it as a tick list as is or adapt it for your specific presentation.

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