9.1 Hosting a Stand at a Conference

The documents and presentations in this section will enable you to host a stand at a conference or event.  The contents of this folder include:

1 Conference Stand Proposal

The one page generic stand proposal should be adapted to the requirements and the logistics of the specific conference you want to exhibit at. 

  •   IOCE logo and profile

The IOCE logo and profile for inclusion in the the conference programme.  

  • A two-page Toolkit Brochure

A two page VOPE toolkit brochure in PowerPoint and PDF format can be printed and/or electronically distributed to conference attendants.

2 Toolkit Poster for printing

You can print this poster in A2 format, laminate it and put it up near your stand.

3 Interactive Presentation

Four presentations are included, hyperlinks exist between these presentations to allow navigation from one section to another. Please refer to the notes of the specific slides to guide you in fitting the presentation to your needs. 

The main presentation is named INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION with links to the interactive presentations on each section for example 3 Interactive presentation Section 1 and hyperlinks to the VOPE Toolkit website.  Please test the links once you have copied the presentations to a different computer.  For the website links to work you have to connect your computer to the internet.

4 Tips to host a stand at conference

The tips in this document will assist you to host a stand running the interactive VOPE Institutional Capacity toolkit presentation at a conference.  Exhibitions create an excellent opportunity to build relationships and create awareness of the toolkit amongst potential users. 

5 Checklist for a stand at a Conference

This document contains a checklist for hosting a stand at a conference.  It is divided into 4 parts, covering the initial and final preparations as well as the items to remember on the day of the presentation.  You can use it as a tick list as is or adapt it for your specific presentation.


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