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EvalIndigenous is a multi-stakeholder partnership which, through the recognition of the different world views and valuing the strengths of Indigenous evaluation practices will advance the contribution of Indigenous evaluation to global evaluation practice. EvalIndigenous will promote the use of different evaluation approaches and methods to ensure evaluations are culturally sensitive, inclusive, and are tools in the improvement of community well-being including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of individuals, families and communities. EvalIndigenous will attempt to inform individuals engaged in evaluation with Indigenous communities through

  1. documenting the evaluation and research protocols developed by Indigenous communities and organizations;
  2. facilitating learning and sharing of experiences;
  3. promoting innovation in approaches and methods used in Indigenous evaluation; and
  4. disseminating information regarding ‘lessons learned’.

For more information contact any of the below officials:

  1. Larry Bremner (larry@proactive.mb.ca)
  2. Victor Manuel Quintero (vmquinterou@gmail.com)
  3. Nicky Bowman (nicky@bpcwi.com)
  4. Fiona Cram (fmcram@gmail.com)
  5. Serge Eric Yakeu serge.eric01@gmail.com)

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