4.2 EvalGender+


Gender equality and social equity are central to ensure the realization of sustainable and equitable development, including in emergency and humanitarian contexts. The persistence of social inequity and significant gender inequalities in the world, including in low, middle and high income countries, presents a major barrier to development, negating fundamental human rights and the expansion of human freedoms. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include gender-equality and reducing inequalities as two stand-alone goals (SDG 5 and SDG 10). These are also mainstreamed within all goals. Given that the SDGs will be “localized” in national development goals and strategies, gender equality and social equity are expected to be among the key strategies and outcomes mainstreamed in global and national development strategies.  

EvalGender+ wants to contribute to achieving social equity and gender equality by

1. Enhance the implementation of social equity and gender responsive strategies within SDGs and local national development plans by providing a framework to evaluate the SDGs with equity focused and gender responsive lens,
and enhance related national evaluation capacities. A roadmap is provided in the Annex A.
2. Engendering development policies through equity focused and gender responsive evaluation.

Community of Practice

The Community of Practice on Gender and Evaluation, with more than 1,100 members globally is an open global platform that promotes engendering national policy through evaluation. Gender and Evaluation will serve as a knowledge hub for equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluation (EFGRE) on behalf of EvalGender+.

We invite you to join the CoP by signing up at http://gendereval.ning.com and be part of the Gender and Evaluation growing community!

Gender, EvalAgenda2020

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