3.8 Making Statements on Issues of Importance in Evaluation

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This section suggests that VOPEs look for opportunities to contribute to the public debate about issues affecting evaluation, through making statements on issues of importance. Some examples are provided in the resource section.From time to time events occur that influence the way in which evaluators and development practitioners do their jobs; new regulations are passed, a new government body for oversight is created, a special issue of concern is noted or a new set of development goals is accepted. A VOPE may choose to make an official statement, either in support of an initiative or voicing concern, after canvassing its members to establish their feelings on the matter. It is important that members are given an opportunity to input into the process of developing the statement, vote on the acceptance of the statement, and that the statement is officially adopted and communicated on behalf of the membership. Some examples of VOPES contributing in this manner include:
  • NONIE guidance on Impact Evaluation;
  • AEA statement on Cultural Competence;
  • AfrEA Statement on Making Evaluation our Own; and
  • Declaration of the Internation Year of Evaluation 2015 –  to coincide with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.
EvalYear 2015

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