3.6 Bestowing Evaluation Awards

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This section introduces the idea of bestowing evaluation awards in order to promote good quality evaluation. It links to some tools to use in administering the process, as well as some examples of VOPEs with specific awards.

Evaluation associations can influence their members to conduct good quality work by recognizing good work through awards. Awards may be awarded to individuals; teams; promising students; emerging evaluators; seasoned evaluators, or to recognize a good evaluation publication. In fact, a VOPE may choose to implement an award to promote any aspect of its vision and mission.

The Community Toolbox provides practical advice on rewarding accomplishments. When you decide to implement an award, ensure that the process is clearly articulated from nomination to judging and the announcement of awards. You may also consider partnering with a key sponsor such as a government department or international organization to ensure the award has prestige. If you intend to hold an awards ceremony, consider linking it with another prominent evaluation event such as a conference or seminar.

Awards, Nomination

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