3.3 Doing Advocacy

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This section introduces the EvalPartners Advocacy toolkit that VOPEs could use to create support for evaluation in their context. 

As the EvalPartners Advocacy toolkit indicates, VOPEs have a particular role to play in strengthening National Evaluation Systems. There are specific ways in which VOPEs support an enabling environment for evaluation, which include the following:

  •  Advocate for the use of evaluation evidence in policy development, implementation, and accountability.
  • Work in partnership with governments and parliamentarians towards the establishment of national evaluation policies.
  • Advocate for national evaluation policies that are equity-focused and gender-responsive.
  • Work with governments to set evaluation standards as benchmarks to help persuade other stakeholders of the importance of upholding the evaluation principles.
  • Foster indigenous demand and supply of evaluation – e.g. through networking, maintaining a roster of evaluation consultants, etc.
  • Provide advice to evaluation commissioners when planning evaluations – e.g. advice on the development of the Terms of Reference for evaluations, including choices of appropriate design and methodology to answer key questions.
  • Promote the capacity of evaluators to perform quality, credible and useful evaluations – e.g. offering evaluation capacity-building events, or advertising those occurring through a third party.
  • Conduct independent research, monitoring and evaluation to validate national statistics provided by the authorities.
  • Develop tripartite partnerships with the UN system, government and civil society.
  • Building networking and a vibrant community for evaluation: represent evaluation at appropriate conferences and related forums; establish an online presence with a website; host virtual as well as live in-person evaluation forums and events.
  • Mobilize resources otherwise not available for the purpose of evaluation from within the national budgets.
  • Create evaluation awareness among journalists by engaging media in the process of advocacy for evaluation.



i would like to suggest following inputs.
3.1 Advocacy
3.1.1. Professional coordination/partnership with national evaluation committee/Department in Government and policy makers
3.1.2 Partnership and advocacy on review committees in all sectors including development and INGOs, some of the larger programme implementers in local NGOs.
3.1.3. Establish SDGs advocacy and Evaluation subcommittee.
3.2 Capacity Developments;
Nationally and sub nationally , Policy Makers etc. (i.e. Professional development events workshops, Seminars, forums, )
3.3. Established Partnership with Professional Institutions government and private sectors.
3.4 Developed evaluation ethics, standards, guidance and frameworks.
3.4.1.. Standards /ethics and guidance for members of the VOPE, for National level.
3.4.2 Coordination with Government National Evaluation Policy, Framework and ethic committees.
3.3. Established Evaluation Human Resources centre (i.e. registering evaluators with the VOPE)

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