2.8.7 Managing Members’ Registration Fees

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This section makes some suggestions about how to manage a system for allocating members’ registration fees, and provides an example policy on members’ fee receipts and allocations.

Once your VOPE receives membership fees, it is vital to allocate the payment to the correct member account and ensure the member is flagged as an active member and gains access to all of the member benefits.  The payment transaction details, such as payment date and amount should be stored on your database to ensure a membership renewal notice is created when the membership of this particular member expires.

Members need to be notified when they have to renew their membership and pay annual membership fees.  Automating this process will lessen the administrative burden on the VOPE significantly.  This can be done by automating all possible aspects of member registration and renewal as well as the payment process through a web application.  Unallocated payments of member fees can increase the administrative burden of the VOPE and frustrate members.  

This process diagram gives an example of how to automate some activities of the member registration and payment processes. 


Figure 1: Example of a process to allocate member finances

Payments, Receipts, Procedures

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