9.3.3 Four Hour Workshop Presentation

For the Toolkit Champion:  Literature about presentations suggests that telling a story as part of your presentation will increase the quality and keep the audience’s attention better.   Thus it is suggested that you enhance this presentation with the story of your VOPE.  How it came about, how long it has been operating and any anecdotes you can share.  Give examples of how your VOPE will be able to use the toolkit or has used the toolkit to illustrate how useful the content is.

Adapt the presentation to accommodate the way participants will engage with website content.  If you plan to use printout and a workstation format please adapt the workstation format presentation presentation to refect this namely: Workshop Presentation (workstation format).  If you are using an offline version of the website or internet access at the conference please you could use the second version of the presentation named: Workshop Presentation (offline website of internet access).

Test the presentation to ensure you can keep to the time period using all the slides, review and adapt the presentation to fit your facilitation style and objectives for the workshop.  

 Anticipated outcomes are:

  •  For workshop participants
    •  Become aware of a range of helpful resources to be used to build strong and transparent VOPEs.
    •  Become involved in disseminating the contents of the toolkit to other potential users.
  •  For Toolkit developers
    • Provides valuable feedback on existing resources
    • Highlights gaps and priorities for further development
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