9.3.2 Agenda, Attendance Register and Workstation Numbers

A draft agenda is included for your convenience, please adapt this agenda to reflect the specific times and sections of the Toolkit you want to focus on.

Remembet to print the attendance register before the workshop and urge all attendees to sign the register during the workshop.

You might consider three options (or a combination of them) to ensure participants have access to the website content.   The first option would be to print relevant sections and resources of the VOPE Toolkit, and create files for each workstation.  It is also possible to create an offline version of the Toolkit, and download this onto electronic media such as CD's or USB drives.  Participants will be able to link to the different section and resources if internet availablility is an issue.  If internet access will not pose a challenge at the workshop participants can directly access and post comment on the live website. 

Only if you use the workstation format for the workshop would you require workstation numbers.  Print the workstation number to label each workstation, this will enable participants to navigate from one station to the other during the workshop. 

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